Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Start smiling with Happy Posts

It’s always important to remember that there’s also a lot to be happy about. When you need a reminder, head over to Happy Posts, the social network that’s “changing the world, one story at a time.”

The mission of Happy Posts is a simple one: “Every day, we are hit from all sides with negativity. At work, on the radio in the car, from the television at home and online. We know it takes a toll on us all. But, we believe that if you put good stuff in your mind, good will flow out. So, we set out to create a place where anyone from any background could tell about the good things that happen to them.”

When you’re feeling blue, just read the blog for a few minutes. How could you ever be sad when there are pictures like this? There’s also great posts on the importance of attitude when life hands you those proverbial lemons and why it’s important to stop and smell life’s flowers.  But mostly the network is all about the collection of uplifting stories available to read.

There’s some things to be bummed out about, but there’s also so much to celebrate. Become a positive force in the world — or at least on the internet — by contributing your story to Happy Posts!