Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Stay on the road with Buckcherry

If you haven’t heard “Crazy B*tch” on the radio at least once in the past year, you’ve been missing out on the wonderful band Buckcherry. If you’re already a fan, their network is full of everything you could ever want relating to the band, from behind-the-scenes photos to a lengthy complete biography to countless live videos.

The band members also post to a blog so you can get the latest word on new tour dates and merchandise as well as their new album, Black Butterfly. Or, you can get into more detail on the forums, where you can join discussions on the finer points of the bands’ beards and learn how to play the band’s songs yourself.

Modern rock music doesn’t get much finer than Buckcherry — check out their network, and if you’re living near one of their tour stops, take the time to enjoy them live!