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We’ve just rolled out a mini-release tonight, adding a whole set of minor improvements to your network. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Simplified URLs for Better Search Engine Optimization. Content uploaded on your network, such as blog posts, videos, photos and forum posts will have new, simple URLs based on the title of the content. URLs for content uploaded before this release will not change to short URLs tonight. Uploading new content after this release or changing the title of any older content will generate a short URL. Going forward, both the old and new URLs will work, so there is no need to update old links anywhere.
  • Network Icon as Favicon. Favicons are the little logos you see in the tabs on your browser. We’ll now automatically create a favicon from your network icon. You also can upload your own custom favicon from the Network Information page.
  • Network Timezone. You can now set the timezone of your network on the “Network Information” page under the Managetab.
  • Event Invitations. Network Creators and administrators can invite all members to an event.
  • Improved banning. Banning members from your network will now take place behind the scenes, instead of having to keep your browser window open while banning a member. No matter how much content is being removed, the normal banning pop-up will disappear after a few short seconds, allowing you to continue browsing the network.
  • HTML Links in Activity Feed. Links can now be placed in custom latest activity messages, found on the “Latest Activity” section of the Manage tab:Tonight's release is live!
  • Increase Friend Maximum. Members of your network can now have a maximum of 20,000 friends, instead of the current 5,000.

If you notice any issues, please contact the Help Center.