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American History 2.0

Educators are quickly discovering that new technology can help them to easily connect with other teachers and reach larger audiences. Whether you’re teaching high school history, homeschooling a child or just looking for creative teaching ideas, The Plantation Letters is a valuable resource as well as testament to the emerging educational opportunities available on the Internet.

The Plantation Letters offers mock lesson plans, photos and discussions, posted by teachers all around the country, about southern plantation life in the Pre-Civil War American South. Specifically, it focuses on utilizing primary sources from North Carolina tobacco plantations of the Bennehans and the Cameron families. The network, combined with its sister network, provides an all-inclusive educational tool geared toward middle and high school history teachers.

Plantation letters is an inspiration to all teachers, even those with little computer savvy, to create networks and explore the many ways to enhance the educational experience with minimal effort. Best of all, your students might actually think you’re cool.