Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Be amazed at human possibility at Blindsight

I’d be willing to bet you’d never think a group of six blind Tibetan teenagers could climb a 23,000-foot mountain, but it’s actually already happened. The Blindsight network (and a full length movie!) exist to tell the story.

You’ll encounter a fascinating interview with the film’s director about the trials of shooting a movie on Mount Everest, some great candid shots of the cast and crew, and videos from the movie’s premiers worldwide. You’ll also find a story or two of other climbers who have reached similar heights with similar difficulties, like Kelly Perkins, who’s been scaling mountains worldwide with a transplanted heart.

The Blindsight network is still small, but it’s entirely worth your time. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a story as inspiring, or a group of kids so cute and earnest, anywhere else on the Internet. Visit, join, and think for a while – if blind teenagers can climb a 23,000-foot mountain, what can you accomplish?