Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Drink up, when you visit Beer Valley

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

So said Ben Franklin, a native of Pennsylvania. It’s only fitting to quote him when discussing Beer Valley, a social network created with the express purpose of advancing beer culture in the Delaware Valley, which includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Maybe if this network was about water, it would have normal tabs, but it’s about beer, so it has extra-awesome tabs that animate (the bottles go empty and the tops pop off) when you roll over them. Coupled with the beer-inspired background image, and cheeky license plate header, there’s no question what the focus of Beer Valley is on; celebrating Delaware Valley’s favorite drink through events, reviews and spirited discussion.

The beer-guzzling members of Beer Valley are discussing life’s most important issues on the network forums. For example, what are America’s five best bars for beer lovers? And what foods go well with beer (besides peanuts and French fries, of course)? Whether you are looking for a specific type of beer and don’t know where to get it, or you just want more information, there’s a wealth of helpful information (and members) living in the Beer Valley.

Whether you believe beer is proof of a higher being, or just evidence that when you combine hops and malt you can get a delicious beverage, the beer-loving community in Delaware Valley is reading to welcome you with a proverbial pint glass.