Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Find your groove at MyDeejaySpace

Ever since we last blogged about the MyDeejaySpace network back in March, we haven’t been able to stop grooving to their beats, and neither has the network, which has quintupled in size up to almost 10,000 members!

MyDeejaySpace is eager to help you get “over” — they’ll make you a featured member if you’re a good contributor, and they keep updated monthly charts of the top music in various dance genres so you can keep on top of what’s hot. If you want immediate exposure, submit a track to the built-in network radio player, which reports over 10,000 visitors daily!

Better still, MyDeejaySpace also has resources to make you better at what you do, like video tutorials of how to use mixing equipment and a guide to free DJ software. And if you’re looking for inspiration, the videos page is full of practice sessions and music videos to get your brain going.

MyDeejaySpace is truly the one-stop shop for the modern, web-savvy DJ. It’ll give the tools, it’ll give you the skills, and then it’ll give you listeners once you’re pumping out mixes. Get ready to quit your day job!