Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Obama supporters share their stories

Even though the stage for Sen. Obama’s acceptance speech is still being taken apart, there’s already a social network set up where Obama supporters can talk about how they contributed to his campaign. If you ever shouted “Yes We Can” for Illinois’ junior senator, than join Yes We Did and let everyone know how you made Obama’s election possible.

The network’s creator made Yes We Did so that people can “share [their] Obama story.” Yes We Did members are writing about their work and support for Obama over the past 18+ months in the forum section. Some members are openly discussing why they supported Obama, while others are planning on how they’ll work on advocating for positive change.

Proud Obama supporters can continue their work that they started so many months ago. With the election over, it’s time to stop shouting “Yes We Can” and start contributing at Yes We Did.