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Parents Going Green

Whether you are buying a new home or simply caring for your lawn, going green at home saves money and is healthy for the whole family. With new green products and tips out daily, staying on top or what you should and should not have in your home can be daunting. But with Green Parents Network on your side, it is easy to keep track of the latest eco-friendly materials, energy-saving appliances and natural textiles.

The Green Parents Network gives parents the information they need to create healthier and happier homes. Parents head to the groups to connect with like-minded families and exchange tips. Popular groups include “Healthy Recipes”, “Organic Gardening” and “Green Grandparents”.

The Headline section features “Timely Articles for Green Families” each month giving members plenty to discuss in the forum. Check in here before you shop for organic clothing, healthy matresses or groceries. Bloggers also speak up about important issues from “National Green Schools Campaign” to “Green Collar Economy”.

To keep you and your family informed, join Green Parents Network!