Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Reach up high with the Tall Street Journal

Thanks to a steady intake of coffee from when I was 12 years old, I’ve topped out at a massive 5’3″ tall. Though my short stature is helpful in an earthquake, I’ve always been envious of my taller peers, who are able to see at concerts, wear pants without hemming them and reach the top shelf in a kitchen without a step stool. As it turns out, tall people aren’t just gloating up there with their heads in the clouds — they have issues, too. The network to support height-happy people is appropriately called The Tall Street Journal.

The forum section is set up around different categories, like tall men and health concerns. Other members are discussing the best cars for tall people. Surprisingly, the Mini Cooper is one of the better options! A comfortable car is great to have, but if there aren’t clothes to wear, you can’t even leave the house to get in to it. While options for super tall clothes aren’t overly abundant, there are certainly a good number of options.

Most of all, what the network can do is offer support. For every kid whose been called “small fry,” there’s another that’s been pegged as “bean pole.” Connect with friends near and far who know what it’s like to smell the air up there, at the Tall Street Journal.