Stand up at Slungle

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What issues are on your mind? Whether you are dieing to discuss politics, entertainment or anything in between, Slungle, a socially liberating jungle, is the place to speak up.

Slungle is described by its Network Creators as “a real-time, interactive, authentic social community of meaningful ideas.” Members are encouraged stand up and be heard. As you might expect, the Network’s groups are a great place to share your opinions and ideas with like-minded people. Topics vary from business to fashion, education to faith.

For some real-time discussion, Slungle takes the forum to the next level and offers Slungle Brew, a weekly broadcast that involves engaging and informative issues. Every Wednesday night, host Joanna Repsold brings up topics from the news and forum that affect your life. The rest is up to you!

Slungle Brew was created to “impact this generation for a significant tomorrow”. Join Slungle today to participate in the interactive discussion!

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One thought on “Stand up at Slungle

  1. shakira

    Our slungle team is using this compiled video footage to create some entertaining videos for distribution. We are focused on conveying a fun and entertaining message that is compelling for our target market. Slungle co-founder and Partner Steven Horvath responded that “We want to be a vibrant community that not only compels ‘Generation Y’ to participate, but truly has a positive impact upon their lives. It is our focus at Slungle to reach the hearts and minds of this generation and encourage our community to ask tough questions, share with their peers, express their convictions, and stand up to help make this world a better place.

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