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A world of Mini Cooper lovers

The Mini Cooper is one of the most distinctive cars on the road, and members of the Mondo Minis network firmly believe it’s the best. Mondo Minis is about sharing your love for the Mini, from modding to Mini stories.

Mini lovers definitely like to show off their rides, and the Mondo Minis Photos tab has eight times as many pictures as the more than 100 members. The Mini is so distinctive that it begs creative visualizations, and there are shots of Minis around the world, modded Minis, and even custom Mini art. You’re sure to find something to make you smile, and there’s a warm place ready for your own Mini tweaks or memories.

Mondo Minis wants to share the greater culture of the Mini, too. There’s a whole discussion full of stories from Mini owners about how and why they bought their beloved vehicles, and members have organized a special Mini benefit drive for a fellow Mini owner who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Mini owners are tight and share a lot of camaraderie, and Mondo Minis is their common ground to meet on.

The Mini Cooper may not have the flash of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but Mondo Minis proves that its fans are just as loyal and closely bonded both to their cars and each other.

SlabSpace, the place for you to be Slabovian!

Get ready to laugh like a Slabovian at SlabSpace, the network for the UK’s silly educational KNTV Show. The General of Slabovia himself wants you to visit.

SlabSpace will do its best to make you an upstanding Slabovian citizen. You can take the census survey, observe photographs of Slabovian slave labor ready to work and watch tribute videos from members trying to suck up to the general. One member has already declared himself the State-Appointed Top Model and submitted a Christmas carol video accordingly.

Of course, you’re very much encouraged to contribute yourself. Let the Top Model be your inspiration — I’m sure there are plenty of cabinet posts and titles ready to be awarded for your own submissions. You’ll find a warm audience more than 350 comrades ready to laugh with you.

So stop by Slabospace for the New Year. Plans are already in the works to launch the first pig into space for 2009, and the general needs his men.

Improved search on

A few weeks ago, we streamlined the design of Search, Popular Networks and My Networks pages at Today, we’ve made exploring networks an even better experience by improving search results.

By taking into account a network’s rate of growth along with its size, search results will show off the fastest growing, most popular networks first:

Let us know in the Ning Help Center if you have any questions!

Fun and Games with MindJolt

From fighting aliens to escaping a maze, playing card games to solving a puzzle, “MindJolt Games” has you covered. If you are looking for an easy way to play hundreds of games in one place, then MindJolt is the OpenSocial application for you. Have some fun on your profile page by adding MindJolt.

Whether you are in the mood for classics like pool and solitaire or want to try something new like Staries and Pop Pies, MindJolt has a game for everyone and every mood. There are even seasonal games out like Xmas Treats and Christmas memory. Finding your game of choice is simple under the “Game Categories” tab. Pick from action, puzzle, strategy, shooter and sports. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Checking out the “Most Popular” or “Newest” module are great places to start.

MindJolt tracks your scores for each game and tallies these against your friends and all MindJolt players. Below each game, you can also see a running all-time total or a weekly score. We interviewed MindJolt Games’ creator and CEO, Richard Fields about the application’s creation and future plans. Check out his answers after the jump.

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Zeroing in on good music

GroundZero Project is a nexus for DJs, producers and music junkies who want to share their music.

There’s always a flurry of activity at GZP. Producers compete head-to-head in The Global Producer’s Face Off, for the grand prize of extra exposure on the network and more than one gigabyte of quality music!  For those like me, who get bored of their music easily, dozens of original songs and mixes are posted daily.

Anyone who wants get a jump start producing music will benefit tremendously from browsing through the forum. You can find Ableton tips, advice for dealing with music labels and a debate about the best music producting software. But perhaps the meatiest forum category is the Songs, Mixes, and New Music Lounge, where DJs and producers showcase their talent.

GroundZero Project is an oasis for lovers of good music — tune in today!

I, and you, can See Color

The many, many listeners of Michael Baisden‘s radio show have a lot on their minds and a recently launched social network, I See Color, is just the place for listeners to go to speak their minds. In the two months since the network launched, the network’s membership has grown to an impressive 110,000 members, with more than 3,600 discussions started.

The show’s producers use the network as a place to brainstorm ideas for upcoming shows, and from reading some of the hot topics, it’s no surprise there’s plenty of conversation on the network. One blog post asks, “Are women more accepting than men when their partner gains weight”? Another titillating potential topic for a future show is asking how long listeners have had a “drought.” With more than 300 comments already posted, it’s clear that members and listeners a lot to say on this topic.

With this quickly growing network, fans of Michael Baisden have a new outlet for expressing their ideas, voicing their opinions and interacting with other listeners. If you are tired of waiting for the next radio show to be broadcast, then get your fix at I See Color.

Add spice to your relationship at Married Life

Hitched Media brings you Married Life, and the network is ready to take you through the ups and downs of life with your husband or wife.

Members are eager to show off their spouses and children, and the photo gallery is full of cute baby shots and happy families. It’s a good message of success and encouragement for couples visiting to find stability and love. More recently, members have been sharing photos of their Christmas trees, and it’s still nice to see some good decoration even with January coming.

On the other hand, the blog is a lot spicier. Married Life is a husband-and-wife network and not a family network at its core, with sex facts and commentary on the recent appearance of sex therapist Laura Berman on Oprah. It’s risqué, but the message centers nicely on the importance of communication and sensible expectations. It’s good material both for new couples getting used to each other and old ones looking to keep the flame burning.

Married Life offers a chance to share the highlights and joys of married life with its photos and discussions, and adds a layer of thoughtful advice and analysis to help keep married couples together and interested in each other. Visit, read up, and add new life to your relationship.

Meet fellow Harry Potter fans at MuggleSpace

The MuggleSpace network helps 5,800 Harry Potter fans worldwide share their love for the works of J.K. Rowling. MuggleSpace is overflowing with creativity and energy, with ideas like a Harry Potterized version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and fan video parodies of character relationships that let you step a little deeper into Potter’s world.

Rowling’s universe is fleshed-out enough to support plenty of fan interpretation and addition, and MuggleSpace enthusiastically encourages such contributions so that members can let their imaginations run free. There’s a faux book cover for Harry Potter and the Dark Lord of the Dance, hilarious Harry Potter puppet videos and a slew of equally unique concepts come to life.

MuggleSpace is full of enthusiasm and stylish custom Potter content. It’s a great stop if you’re looking for more nuggets from Hogwarts, and a great place to share your own creations and find a ready crowd of commenters and appreciators.

Find a new life at Jobs in Social Media

The Jobs in Social Media network was created to help workers in the social-networking industry connect with top jobs. And where better to find jobs and employees for the industry than on a social network on Ning?

Members have put together some great content. There’s a hand-animated video introduction to Twitter, and a hilarious video comic about Social Networking Wars. Even with the focus on employment, it’s clear that social media is a field that welcomes plenty of humor and that network members aren’t afraid to enjoy themselves with each other.

Of course, there’s more serious thought, too. You’ll find a blog full of insightful posts on subjects like necessary skills for content mangers and getting started in community management. Blogs on Jobs in Social Media are particularly interesting because posters often link to their own, larger outside works — just posting is a means of self-promotion that employers might see.

So, Jobs in Social Media comes out as a hybrid network. On the one hand, it’s a serious place matching members directly with jobs, and on the other, it’s a place for posters to gain exposure and share the fun of social media.

Rescue pit bulls in need at Pit Bull Positive

The Pit Bull Positive network offers a unique and focused angle on animal protection. Its members take care of pit bulls in need, and make share that their owners treat them well and take care of them responsibly despite their reputation as fighters and troublemakers.

Pit Bull Positive takes action across the board, from urging support for bills in the New Jersey legislature preventing insurance discrimination against supposed “problem” dog breeds to enthusiastically working to save two pit bulls in need in Wyoming’s freezing cold. One member comments lightly on the possibility of a trip to help them, “these dogs are only about 135 miles away from me,” and his eagerness to take a day’s drive for the dogs shows off the whole network’s amazing dedication.

Members even coordinate to reach out across the Internet in support of their beloved pit bulls: in one post, a member actually calls his fellows to arms to defend the breed against attacks on another forum.

Pit Bull Positive‘s members are fierce in their defense of their favorite canine breed. And they’ve made the network an intense and effective center to work as activists and rescue pit bulls in need.