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Smart Chicks

For women looking for a new place to hang out online, check out Smart Chicks. Here it’s all about keeping the conversation going, and that’s easily apparent from the tabs the Smart Chicks’ Network Creator has chosen to include.

Women on the network are discussing a wide range of topics, from “Favorite Children’s Books” to personality tests, or even timely topics, like the condition of America’s automotive industry. A quick glance at the Latest Activity feed will show just how active the network’s forum is.

Of course, the network also makes room for those more narrow conversations, by funneling activity into groups. The feature gets top billing on the network, and the Network Creator has created two groups tabs, both of which drop down into links to the network’s top groups. In these groups, like Smart Chicks Save and Smart Chicks Get Healthy, you’ll also find great discussions, like the value of dollar stores.