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Along the road to recovery with Yoga Bear

Yoga Bear is driven by an important mission. It is “a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cancer patients and survivors with more opportunities for wellness and healing through the practice of yoga.”

Yoga Bear mobilizes yogis, doctors, cancer patients, survivors and volunteers across the country. Together they accomplish three main tasks: partner with local yoga studios to provide free classes, offer on site yoga for various groups and work on community outreach. Through this type of outreach, Yoga Bear “strives to provide the community with more information about yoga as a complementary treatment in cancer recovery”

At the forefront of the Main page are the Yoga Bear testimonials complete with a video for each one. The videos discuss the importance of engaging survivors with alternative therapies, such as yoga, and explain the need to integrate body, mind and spirit for healing.

First-time participants can easily find local resources, studios and members. If you are interested in participating, head to Yoga Bears and fill out the participation form to find the best studio fit for you.