Animals and people, helping to enrich each other’s lives

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For children with disabilities, including learning, physical and psychological, being able to spend time with a caring animal can make a world of difference. The Disabilities and Animals network is a place for those working with people with disabilities and with therapy animals to connect with each other. The network is more than simply a meeting ground, as the Network Creator Mr Hey U writes “I hope that we all can share our experiences and give credit due to those animal friends that we need as much as they need us.”

The picture prominently featured on the Disabilities and Animals main page, or “HQ,” as they call it, shows what the network is all about: Animals and people working together. Also worth checking out on the main page? The heartbreaking-yet-adorable images of pets in wheelchairs. For more “aw”-inducing images, stop by the Photos section. Pandas? Check. Dogs and fawns hanging out together? Absolutely. Puppies looking apologetic? Yes, please!

Cute animals aside, animal therapy is a highly effective — and enriching — endeavor for both the people and animals involved. Share your story, or just learn more about what animal therapy is all about at the Disabilities and Animals network.

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4 thoughts on “Animals and people, helping to enrich each other’s lives

  1. SuzSee

    What a terrific site you have developed! Anyone who has ever had to either rely on a pet for support or has had their pet endure a trauma that now causes them to have a disability should be visiting your site — and, wouldn’t that be all pet owners — since we have all had to rely on a pet in some fashion? Much success to you!

  2. Wendy Wendt

    Fabulous site that offers many benefits to pets and patients. Many studies have been done that show the increased self esteem in patients when around animals, lowering of blood pressure, and many other benefits. I have posted blogs on my website indicating the benefits to patients to and ways one who would like to become a volunteer and how to get your pet certified as a therapy dog.

    It is becoming more and more common in todays society to except animals in many different situations. Shelters for battered women opening up for that except their pets as well. Work places allowing pets. Its a growing trend that aids in good health and the well being of society.

    ~Wendy Wendt
    Wendt Worth Corgis

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