Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Build an aircraft at DIY Drones

The members DIY Drones have taken the hobby of building model airplanes to the next level, by building actual unmanned aerial vehicles that fly by themselves. DIY Drones exists for members to share construction and programming tricks and show off their creations, and there’s quite a lot to see and learn.

DIY Drones knows that building UAVs isn’t an easy thing to start from scratch, and so the network’s Main page is full of links to detailed guides for autopilot use and UAV creation, legal information, and technicial explanations. It’s a lot to think about, and it’ll definitely make you appreciate the careful work and thought that goes into a UAV. All of the elbow grease makes each creation more special.

Still, DIY Drones is accessible, and there’s even a glossary for those new to the hobby, so you can jump right in. The members want you to succeed and join in doing something they care about, and they’re eager to assist at every turn.

Actually building UAVs is only half of the fun, though. UAV construction and flight is a big, flashy, and time-consuming hobby, and part of the joy is showing off the fruits of your labor. So, DIY Drones features photos and videos of member-made UAVs in action. Creative designs include a quad copter and two missile-inspired craft. It’s obvious how much love and personality goes into each aircraft, and you’re guaranteed to wonder what you could come up with yourself to build and display on the network.

DIY Drones is a fine resource and gathering point for a creative hobby, and its members are dedicated builders eager to help each other. The shots of the drones in action are alone well worth a visit. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself attaching propellers to your own new aircraft in a few weeks’ time.