Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Connect with English speakers at Thailand Social

The Thailand Social network is out to connect English-speaking Thai people with each other to share in the hottest activities and hottest topics in the country.

Thailand Social’s photo and video galleries each provide a fascinating glimpse at the beauty of Thailand and the hottest parts of Thai culture. You’ll see a lot of Muay Thai martial arts coverage, footage of the beautiful Koh Wai island and plenty of photos from the 2008 Lantern Festival. All of this media makes Thailand Social a tremendously vibrant network, and it’s a huge draw for visitors to come, browse, and join.

After you’re done planning vacations, Thailand Social also offers strong interaction. The Latest Activity feed shows heavy activity and regular member-to-member comments, and you’ll find discussions on the political stability of the country, evaluations of how much to pay for doweries, and even a fledgling Thai World of Warcraft group.

Thailand Social offers plenty of media to lure members in and keep them coming back, and then discussions and blogs to add more depth.

Join the fun, and join Thailand Social.