Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Finding life after dark in Zhuhai

The Zhuhai Nights network rightfully calls itself “The Definitive Guide to Life After Dark” in Zhuhai, a large city in southeast China. It’s also become a place for Zhuhai’s English-speaking ex-pats to hang out and share their lives.

You’ll see nearly as many photos from places outside of Zhuhai as inside, taken in places as far away as Fiji and the Mediterranean. This just shows the bonds Zhuhai Nights has built: Members come to the network to show off their cool travels and experiences with each other as well as to find cool things to do at night.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty posted to keep you busy while you’re at home in Zhuhai. The list is surprisingly multicultural, from Christmas dinners to a highly publicized Western New Year’s party. It’s cool to see how effectively and grandly Zhuhai’s ex-pats are able to promulgate and enjoy Western traditions with Zhuhai Nights’s coordination. And then there are the good, old-fashioned Zhuhai club nights.

Zhuhai Nights has done an amazing job of helping American and British ex-pats make Zhuhai a little closer to home. Its members have merged an appreciation of the native nightlife with coordination to keep celebrating Western holidays and traditions, and the result makes both sides that much sweeter.