Improved search on

Improved search on
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A few weeks ago, we streamlined the design of Search, Popular Networks and My Networks pages at Today, we’ve made exploring networks an even better experience by improving search results.

By taking into account a network’s rate of growth along with its size, search results will show off the fastest growing, most popular networks first:

Let us know in the Ning Help Center if you have any questions!

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14 thoughts on “Improved search on

  1. scbig

    So how does one access the new & improved search on & how do I see friends from networks I’ve left?

  2. Soumendra Nanda


    I want to be able to see the website for which I signed up using the premium service, not the address listed in the search results.

    The fact that it shows up in Ning results makes it clear that the site uses Ning..


  3. Rev. Eric T. Schuetz

    I am finding that a couple of my networks are not appearing in the search results. Are networks with slow growth not being shown in the search results? One of my networks is averaging around 40 new members a month, and it isn’t being shown on the results either. However, some more stagnant sites are popping up in results.

    I have it set with tags that would easily pop up in the searches, and the network has over 600 members right now. Any thoughts?

  4. Brian Fløe

    I think I might be going crazy – when I search on Ning perhaps on “Berlin” the results are NOT sorted by how many members the networks have???

    How come it’s working for all of you? What am I missing here? 🙂

  5. Don Robertson

    Is there an advanced search? I seem to get OR results from my search, and would like to get AND. I am trying to find some groups I know exist but get don’t show up in the first dozen or so pages of results.

    BTW – if it is what I am interested in I don’t care if it is popular or growing.

  6. Nick Barr

    Hi KJ,

    For now, if a network has fewer than 5 members it won’t show up in search. We’re looking to improve this — particularly, we’d like to give Network Creators a way to see their network in search no matter what.

    Once your network has 5 members, it should take about a day (at most) for your network to appear in search. Thanks!

  7. KJ

    Hi Guys,
    I just created the Pandorafan network. When I submit a search for it my network dosn’t show up in the results.
    I have opted to make the home page public so not sure what’s going on. Can you help?

  8. Nick Barr

    Hi Matt!

    Absolutely — if you want your network not to appear in search, just drop us a line via the Help Center and we’ll take care of it. Thanks!

  9. Admin

    Will we still be able to opt out of search? I’m a bit concerned about getting network creator spam. — matt

  10. Mikaela

    the only thing that i am missing is the ability to view more search results on one page. ning has soo many networks and with the old search results i thought it was already time consuming going through all those pages. now since there is less results you have to go through more pages. But it is compensated somewhat by the fact that the order of the search results has been improved.


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