Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Learn from real ninjas at Ask a Ninja

It’s possible that you haven’t heard that today is the Annual Day of the Ninja, but only because ninjas are very stealthy. Now you know, though, and there’s a whole network full of Ask a Ninja Fans out there ready to celebrate with you.

First, if you haven’t seen some of the hilarious and helpful videos that the Ask a Ninja ninjas have posted, check out the network’s videos page immediately and start watching. Now you can check out the rest of the network!

Ask a Ninja Fans is a deep repository of all things ninja. You’ll find photos of high-tech ninja gear and maybe even a new desktop background, Ninja Clans to join, and a whole forum dedicated to discussing the probable outcome of combat between ninjas and a diverse range of opponents.

On a serious note, you Network Creators out there should be impressed — Ask a Ninja took a simple concept and ran with it using a simple design, and is now a full-blown Internet phenomenon. Look to them to learn what a little enthusiasm and shameless humor can do to make your own enterprises take off!

Ninjas rely on stealth, of course, and I think just I’ve blown their cover.