Learning from MyGrafico

Learning from MyGrafico
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If you want ideas on how to create a beautiful network, the best place to go is, not surprisingly, a network for designers.

MyGrafico is a great example of just how memorable a first impression can be. The network’s header effectively displays the name and description within a thematic design. The header also picks up on colors and patterns from the background and columns to create a unified look on the main page.

To continue the theme throughout the network, members’ default avatars display a scene which mimics that of the header. Small details can make a noticeable different. The RSS link is a great example. Using a visual rather than a simple link draws members to the feature. In this case, it draws members to stay involved and up-to-date on the latest network news.

Whether you focus your time on creating a unique header or including small details to bring the network’s look together, the most important thing is customizing your network. Creating a look that matches your network’s theme does not need to be time intensive. Before you start your own network, take a look at MyGrafico and see what you can do!

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2 thoughts on “Learning from MyGrafico

  1. Judy

    This is great, thank you so much again for Featuring Mygrafico! I truly believe that 1st impressions mean everything, we really wanted an appealing look and a community that get all designers and crafters involved.

  2. Boojoo

    Thank you so much for featuring Mygrafico.

    WE worked hard to keep our little community cozy and easy to navigate..

    also we are open to all designers.

    thanks again:)

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