Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Rescue pit bulls in need at Pit Bull Positive

The Pit Bull Positive network offers a unique and focused angle on animal protection. Its members take care of pit bulls in need, and make share that their owners treat them well and take care of them responsibly despite their reputation as fighters and troublemakers.

Pit Bull Positive takes action across the board, from urging support for bills in the New Jersey legislature preventing insurance discrimination against supposed “problem” dog breeds to enthusiastically working to save two pit bulls in need in Wyoming’s freezing cold. One member comments lightly on the possibility of a trip to help them, “these dogs are only about 135 miles away from me,” and his eagerness to take a day’s drive for the dogs shows off the whole network’s amazing dedication.

Members even coordinate to reach out across the Internet in support of their beloved pit bulls: in one post, a member actually calls his fellows to arms to defend the breed against attacks on another forum.

Pit Bull Positive’s members are fierce in their defense of their favorite canine breed. And they’ve made the network an intense and effective center to work as activists and rescue pit bulls in need.