Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Set your Kicks on Fire

Would you sell your soul for a pair of Air Jordans, or does the Nike swoosh factor prominently in your home decor? You’ll feel right at home at the My Kicks On Fire network — and you’ll be easily able to keep on top of the hottest new shoe releases thanks to the prominent main page feed of the latest new sneaks, which is a genius use of the RSS feature. Better get your new Nike Women’s Court Force Highs soon, or you’ll be behind on the fashion scene!

My Kicks on Fire is also the perfect sort of network to take advantage of groups for all of the various sneaker brands, and the Network Creator is right on top of it. You’ll find groups for Vans, Concord 6 Rings, the ubiquitous Jordans … you name it! There’s even a whole group specifically devoted to fake versions of the more expensive and popular footware!

I never thought I’d question my New Balance love, but My Kicks On Fire has got me wondering if there’s a larger world of sneakers that I should be a part of. I know I’ll find a group of fans to fit in with, and a place to post the obligatory show-off pics after getting some new kicks to rock.

Walk on over there and check it out!