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Simple and Beautiful on MyShutterspace

MyShutterspace connects digital photography enthusiasts with a beautiful social network on Ning.

The Main page displays many of the simple tricks we’ve mentioned before to use the most effective tools at your disposal to make your social network successful.

Not surprisingly, MyShutterspace’s photos are displayed front and center. Being one of the most popular features, photos are a smart feature to highlight almost any social network topic.

In addition to the network’s aesthetic appeal, MyShutterspace also builds its membership by making it easy to get involved. A “Read Me First” guide is conveniently located below the “Sign In” link within a text box. The quick guide provides a place for new or even potential members to learn about features they can add, network news and common questions.

If you are looking to improve your network’s Main page, check out MyShutterspace’s design and set-up for yourself!