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Songs and Poems of good hope

Sawubona Music Jam lives by a simple yet successful formula: Music + Poems = Charity for Africa.

Described as “a Corporate Social Responsibility Project,” Sawubona Music Jam uses music and poem contests to create CDs and concerts. All of the proceeds support Township projects in Africa, especially those focused on education and sport. To learn more about Sawubona Music, head to the network’s About section. Here you can read about the project’s origins and it’s two components: the online music jam and poetry slam.

The blog is another great section for staying up-to-date on the latest projects. Recent posts discuss a new day care center in South Africa and Sawubona coverage in the news. Artists head to the network’s MusicFactory and PoemsFactory to share their work.

If you are interested in helping the project, consider submitting your own music or poems at Sawubona Music Jam.