Laura Oppenheimer
Laura Oppenheimer
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Connecting science educators at The Synapse

Appropriately named The Synapse, this social network on Ning connects biology teachers from around the country to trade lesson plans, lessons learned and more.

Network Creator Sean Nash writes, “synapse is a minute gap between nerve cells which transmits crucial information through the nervous system. The goal of this network is to perform a similar “synaptic” function between biology instructors of all levels and locations.”

The members of The Synapse have divided themselves in to groups, so they can work with other teachers who cover the same topics. The AP Bio teachers discuss issues like which unit is most difficult to teach, while the freshman and sophomore bio educators are talking about their favorite “aha!” moment with their students. For teachers who feel like they need a little extra inspiration on what to bring to the classroom in 2009, the network hosts a full calendar of conferences and events.

The school year is only half over, and there’s still lots of scientific material to cover. For new teachers and seasoned pros alike, now’s the time to connect with the The Synapse — the social network for biology instructors.