Happy New Year, 700,000 Social Networks!

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There is no question that 2008 has been good to us here at Ning. We ended the year with exactly 700,000 social networks used by millions of people in their daily lives. That’s a 5x increase in social networks on the Ning Platform in a single year. More interestingly, 50% of these social networks are active, as defined as active usage by members in the past 30 days.

In 2008, we also grew total registered users by 12x, daily page views by 5x and raised enough money to ensure we successfully make it out the other side of a challenging economic environment.

This is not to say that we didn’t make our share of tough decisions in 2008. Understandably, the need to change policies is never popular with everyone and if we could have avoided them, we would have in a heartbeat.

All in all, we are incredibly appreciative of the results we’ve seen and look forward to continuing to make your own social network on Ning even more powerful and chock full of features in 2009.

Happy New Year!

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16 thoughts on “Happy New Year, 700,000 Social Networks!

  1. archibot

    Thanks for prviding a great platform that is so user friendly and encourages participation on the user end. That has helped The Tennis Social Network grow to almost 17,000 members.

    Best for ’09,

  2. Connie Griffin (Alexander)

    Thanks for a great job. Happy New Year!

    We have established a great social network for our high school and without you we could not have networked on this level.



  3. Asit Ghosh

    Dear Gina,

    Thanks for your greetings. I also wish you and your team another great year ahead. Ning has been special for me because I have got wonderful friends and a sense of purpose through it. Our social network Human Empwerment started on 1 May 2008 is indeed a cool place and shaping up well. We feel very happy whenever we are here. I am sure many more exciting experiences are awaiting us in the times to come. Lots of love and best wishes again.


  4. Golanv's Crows Nest

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GINA! FROM GOGVNEST TO YOU WE ALL WISH YOU A SAFE AND MAY YOU GET MORE USERS IN THE NEW YEAR. I am so happy with your network and you helped me have my dream. Wado! Raven Crow

  5. Kathy Page Windham

    Thanks Gina,
    You guys have done an outstanding job. I’m glad my high school created a social network, which got me to create one for my family.

    Happy “Ninging” Year to you and all of the Ning Staff.

  6. SuzSee

    Congratulations on a job well done! I hope and wish that all of our sites can gain the same results this coming year. 🙂

  7. Calvin Tatsey

    Oki Niscunnie:

    Thank you Gina. You guys are doing a wonderful job! Have a great New Year and many blessings to you and to yours, my friend! >>~~~>Calvin Tatsey/BGSG

  8. Star-Dust

    Thank you for a very good place for social networks. l love it all and when l had a problem, you fix it real fast. Thank You again.

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