Athena von Oech
Athena von Oech
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One of the most popular features on your social network on Ning is the photos feature, which allows members of your network to upload photos and share them with each other. Photos are an easy way to get a lot of beautiful visual content on your social network’s Main page as well as populate your network with a set of great photo slideshows., a social network for Welsh Corgis lovers, takes advantage of the photos features and has fostered an environment that encourages members to add photos. To date, members have added over 34,000 photos, up from 2,000 photos, when I wrote about them a year ago.


There are three ways members have added photos to this network— and that you can use to add photos to your own social network on Ning:

  • Add photos from your computer:  This is the quickest way to add a lot of photos (up to 100, in fact) from your computer at once.
  • Add photos from email or your phone: If you’re on the go and want to quickly add a new photo to your page, you can easily do this by sending the photo to a unique email address, which is associated with your account on a network
  • Add photos from Flickr: On your social network, you can easily enable Flickr so that your members can quickly add their photos on Flickr to your network.

If you’d like your members to add and share photos on your social network, adding the photos feature is super easy. Just go to the Manage page and click on Features and then drag the photos feature onto your network. Enjoy!