Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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It's always a home game at Your Sports

The Your Sports network celebrates high school and college athletes in the Northwest U.S. by arranging online broadcasts of games on local news Web sites. They’re giving 15 minutes of fame to student athletes who wouldn’t get it otherwise, and showing great games to do so.

Of course, member participation is key to make sure that the content exists to share, and Your Sports relies on member submissions to get the game videos it distributes. It’s a team effort, and the more good game tapes are submitted, the more the network has to put on the news sites. Your Sports will happily even send you DVDs of submitted games. It’s every mother’s dream come true.

So far, Your Sports is still small, but they’re had plenty of success so far, including more than two million page views of six games shown on the Seattle Times website. They’re doing something amazing for a lot of young athletes, and we hope they continue to expand rapidly.

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