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New Chat – February 26th

New Chat – February 26th
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As promised, here’s the plan for a completely redesigned chat feature for your social network on Ning.

It’s taking us a bit longer to get it out the door because we’re rolling it out as a part of new photo, video and music flash players for your social network. All of these will come out in a release currently scheduled for February 26th and we’ll have more information on the new players shortly. But first, the new chat feature!

New Chat Features

We’ve retained all the great features you have on chat today, such as private chats, and are adding the following new features in this next version:

This new version also puts us on the path to release language customization in early March. Specifically, you’ll now be able to customize your chat from the Language Editor and support multiples languages.

The screenshots are after the jump…

New Chat Design

Here’s the closed chat window at the bottom of the page:

And here’s the open version:

Here’s another example:

As you can see, it is the same simple, clean design across both social networks.

The new chat feature will replace your chat tab and the current display options for chat today. We’re happy to work with you on coming up with the best transition recommendations so that your members won’t have a shock to the system. Just drop us a line in the Ning Help Center.

Thanks and we’d love your feedback!