Henry Jicha
Henry Jicha
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Pinball and arcade classics

The days of coin-op arcades may be drawing to an end, but the members of CoinOpSpace.com have been making up the difference by collecting the best of the old coin-operated machines.

Collecting arcade machines is a niche and often pricey hobby, but CoinOpSpace’s more than 200 members are die-hard. There’s a lot of pride to be had in owning a nice set or even just one rare machine, and the photo gallery is full of members showing off special game rooms, complete even with vintage soda machines. It’s a little piece of history, and it’s very clear how much members care about arranging everything “just so” to look perfect.

Members’ dedication also shows in how delicately they take care of their machines and keep their stories alive. You’ll find an intensely detailed and illustrated guide to polishing the trackballs of arcade machines and a video tutorial of how to remove cabinet decals, and neither is amateur work. There’s even a recording of an ancient commercial for the original Frogger for those, like most of us, who’ve never seen it.

CoinopSpace is patiently and lovingly keeping a little bit of history alive and well-oiled. Members love what they do, and it shows on every neatly cleaned corner of their collection pieces and in their eagerness to post the legacies of the great games they still play.