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Come2Play Reversi

Come2Play offers another OpenSocial game, Reversi, similar to Othello. Two of their other fun games, Match4 4 and Chess, have already been featured on the Ning blog.

Reversi can be added to your profile page on Your Social Network on Ning. Its developers describe it as “an abstract strategy board game” that is played against an opponent on an eight-by-eight square grid. By the end of the game, the player who can substitute the majority of their pieces onto the board by turning over their opponents pieces wins.

Your game statistics will show up on your profile page and, like all Come2Play games, you can win chips along the way. Come2Plays’s developer, Yoni Gerblich, talked to us about Reversi and how this OpenSocial application differs from their others. Read his interview after the break.

How would you describe Reversi in a nutshell?
Reversi is a strategy board game also referred to as Othello.  The goal for each player is to have the most amount of their pieces on the board by the end of the game.  You capture your opponent’s pieces by placing your next piece on a straight — occupied — line between your first piece and the new piece. Any opponent’s pieces between your two pieces become yours.

How did the creation of Reversi compare to that of your other OpenSocial application, Match4 4?
All of the games on the Come2Play network were created using our Multiplayer API. Any turn-based game can easily be converted to work throughout our network and on Ning.

Do you have any tips for Reversi users?
Like in chess and checkers it’s always a good idea to look ahead. Try to plan out your moves so you can get the best position in the long run, not necessarily the next move.

About OpenSocial: An OpenSocial application is a feature that you can add to your profile page for fun, communication or business. Add it to your page by clicking the “Add Applications” link in the left hand column, beneath your profile photo. This will take you to the application’s directory, where you can scroll through the list of available applications or use the search box to jump to a specific one. Then click on the “Add to My Page” button and and confirm by clicking “Add Application”.