Tonight’s release is live!

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We’re happy to announce that tonight’s release is live on your social network!

Your members can now control who can access their their profile pages, and you now have five additional themes for your social network. If you have any questions about tonight’s release, please contact us via the Ning Help Center.

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2 thoughts on “Tonight’s release is live!

  1. Ohio's Finest

    Having the ability to control viewing of your Profile page is definitely a MAJOR improvement.

    With all the frivolity going on in social networks, it is nice to be able to simply control who can what on your profile, to include the entire Profile itself.

    Extra themes are also nice, but the ability to control access to your page just stands out for me.

  2. Matt

    I think member’s on my network would appreciate having their avatar and location included in the private profile option. But great release otherwise… thanks — matt

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