Uniting the Airsoft World at Network Airsoft

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The Network Airsoft social network is coordinating airsoft events worldwide, with more than 700 members ready to play.

The team is dedicated and well-equipped: you’d be hard-pressed to tell their photos from shots of a real military force or to distinguish their sniper suits from the bushes they’re made to resemble. They’re also eager to share their expertise with everything from a detailed sniper’s guide to camo reviews. Don’t wait to report in, because the patrol leaves soon.

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One thought on “Uniting the Airsoft World at Network Airsoft

  1. Matt Razor@Top Airsoft Sniper Rifles

    Network Airsoft has grown in the past couple years and is a great source for anyone who is looking to connect with other Airsoft players from around the world. I found amazing Airsoft event locally through this site and it was great meeting other Airsoft enthusiasts!

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