Monthly Archives: February 2009

Boston’s marketing force unites


The American Marketing Association has created a social network for Boston that’s already 625 strong, and they’re helping each other rise to the top of the business scene. Events to come include a seminar on effective use of LinkedIn and a workshop on search engine optimization, and members have been posting thoughts on mobile advertising and recovering from recession and even video analysis of how websites are like pies.

Think, act, and be happier, all in 48 days


It’s been more than 48 days since we last blogged about the, and according to this social network, that’s more than enough time to have started a business. Dan Miller, “your friend in the journey,” posts weekly updates to keep members motivated, and members have responded by getting involved in everything from church consulting to furniture refinishing to marathon running. We don’t doubt that their mutual support on has been a key part of their successes.

Helping those touched by diabetes


TuDiabetes is a “community of people touched by diabetes.” We last blogged about them in June of 2007, and they’ve been connecting people touched by diabetes for nearly two years. Members have a place to talk and share with others whether they’re newly diagnosed or looking for thoughts on fitness. A wealth of detail and support awaits, and many members post blogs and video updates of their progress.

New media players & chat, now on your social network!

We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release is now live on your social network. We blogged about the features in this release here, and the highlights are:

  • Your video, photos and music players now sport an updated look, with icons that match the theme and colors of your social network
  • Redesigned, persistent chat feature, with optional audio notifications and ability to pop out Chat into a new window
  • Appearance enhancements, including new default avatars for members, groups and events

If you have any questions about this release, please contact us via the Ning Help Center.

Monday, March 2nd Update:

Thanks for the great feedback you’ve provided on chat so far. We just put out a mini release to make the font a bit bigger and easier to read. We also adjusted a few links to make chat a bit easier to find.  If you have any questions, drop us a line in the Ning Help Center. Thanks!

Checking in on

social-cigar-cigar-social-network is a “cigar anti-propoganda machine.” We’ve been following this social network for almost a year now, and they have quite a few things planned in the next few months, including a four day cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, international pipe smoking day, and a classy wine tasting and new cigar release. If you’re a cigar smoker and want to “join the movement to bring integrity back to cigar ratings” swing by

Cool Photos at Ywam, with Events “down under”

YWAM Photos

There are a ton of ways to effectively present your social network’s photos on the main page. YWAM Reef to Outback, an Australia-based social network, came up with the cool idea of displaying a slideshow of photos that draw attention to their upcoming events.

While a slideshow of recently added or popular photos is great for pumping fresh content onto your main page, sometimes you’ll want to show a specific album with fixed content to achieve your goal. In this case, YWAM has posted a slideshow of their featured photos, each of which promotes an upcoming event. Cleverly, they’ve positioned the Events module directly below the Photos module, and the bottom of every photo says “See Below For More Info”. That’s a really creative way of drawing eyes to your big events.

Before going South (by Southwest), go online


Though South by Southwest is less than a month away, there’s still plenty of time to connect with other festival and conference attendees at the SXSW ’09 Insider’s Guide.

While there’s plenty of information — and music — to take in, one of SXSW’s main attactions is the after-hours social scene. For those heading to Austin in March, the first stop after registering is to get in the know by signing up at the SXSW Insider’s Guide.

Hollywood comes to New England


The Plymouth Rock Studios creators of the HollyWood East TV social network are on a mission to bring Hollywood to the east coast, and their snowball effort has only been growing since we last wrote about them. Lately, they’ve been meeting with the Chamber of commerce, hanging out at a New York comic convention, and more, and they’re soon to be posting their location-scouting exploits as part of their video series.