Athena von Oech
Athena von Oech
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sequence from seedling to baby plant

Our mission at Ning is to empower you to create the perfect social network for you. We currently have a few resources to help you do just that, including this blog, our social network— Ning Network Creators — and the Ning Help Center. If you have questions for us and can’t find your answer in one of these places, you can always drop us a line in the Ning Help Center and we’ll help you out.

While this works great for most people, since we’ve launched Your Own Social Network for Anything, we’ve also been asked for a Premium Support option for those Network Creators who want a little extra attention.

On March 12th 23rd, we’re providing just that. We will be launching our new Premium Support Plans for your social networks. The plans start at $10/month. You’ll still have the same great free support from the Ning Help Center, but for those who are interested, you’ll have these expanded options as well.

We’re excited to offer this to all of you who have asked us for these plans over the past two years. If you have any questions, by all means drop us a line in the Ning Help Center.