Tonight’s release is live! February 5, 2009
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We’re happy to announce that tonight’s release — last blogged about here — is live on your social network! A few highlights of this release:

  • The ability to create multiple levels of administrators
  • New icons across your social network that match your theme
  • Expanded email notification and birthday settings

Additionally, your social network’s Latest Activity feed is getting a new-and-improved look and feel. We’ll be rolling out this feature to your social network over the next week. We’ll keep you updated regularly about the status of this rollout on the Ning Status blog.

If you have any questions about tonight’s release, please contact us via the Ning Help Center.

UPDATE (Feb. 11): Thanks for the great feedback on the new Latest Activity feature. We really appreciate it!

We are adding back in links to replies and comments as well as replacing the display of actual profile comments in the feed with links to the profile comments themselves. We will also add back in the separators between items for easier scan-ability today.

As for the member photos, we will be relaunching them as rollovers in an upcoming release.

Lastly, for those of you who hate the new icons, we’re listening to your feedback, however we’d also love to ask that you live with them for a few weeks first and then let us know what you think. It’s definitely a change from what is there now, however we also believe in the end that it will make the feature much more dynamic and compelling. We appreciate your patience on it and keep the feedback coming. Thanks!