All social networks are offline

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As we just posted over on the Status Blog, Ning is in an unplanned maintenance window. All social networks have been offline and displaying your branded maintenance pages since approximately 10:30am Pacific.

We’re heads down working to bring social networks back online and we expect to be live by 12 1:00pm Pacific. We’ll continue to post updates on our progress on the Status Blog. Thanks!

Update at 1pm: Your social network is back online after this morning’s unplanned maintenance window.  During this window, your social network displayed your branded maintenance page with your social network’s header. We’re currently ironing out an issue with sign ups and will continue to post updates on the Status Blog with our progress.

As we wrote recently on the Ning Blog, the performance and availability of your social network is our number one priority at Ning. Since the incident, we’ve been working to address the underlying issues, monitor the Ning Platform, and identify the plan from here. Thanks!

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One thought on “All social networks are offline

  1. CheyenneJack

    Thanks for getting it back up so quickly. As an IT professional and Ning Network Creator I can only marvel at the uptime that you all are able to provide.

    Give your Network and IT team a big pat on the back and thank you. Its a thankless complicated job that people only think about when things go wrong. Its amazing what the do and the service you all provide.

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