Low-fat, high-vibe lifestyle with 30 Bananas a Day
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30 Bananas a Day is a social network for people striving to live a lowfat, raw, vegan lifestyle.  It’s not easy to make such huge changes to your diet, and 30 Bananas a Day has become a great place for anyone embarking on a raw food lifestyle to come together and talk about their experiences, supporting each other along the way. Members discuss the cost of raw fruit and exercise habits, and even posts daily updates about living raw.

Creator Freelea had a vision to teach people about raw food, and help them on their journey towards a raw lifestyle. Members can engage with the social network’s three raw food mentors, including Freelea, for added support. As if the mentors’ personal stories weren’t inspiring enough, part of their goal is to make access to health coaching and fitness available to everyone. But they’re not just talking the talk: Freelea and the two other mentors, Durianrider and Grant, currently coach others to achieve a healthy raw food lifestyle for an optional donation, which they’re using to fund a raw food retreat.