More Chat improvements on the way (updated)
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A few more details to our chat improvements coming next Wednesday, March 25th.

The closed Chat bar will be slightly more obvious.

In addition to updated icons and the new addition of tooltips, there is now a new green Chat indicator that will be appear until a new member clicks on it. Here’s a preview (full-size screenshot):


You’ll be able to resize the chat pop out.

One of the most common requests we’ve heard is to be able to resize the new pop-out view of Chat. With this release, you’ll be able to dynamically resize the window, making it essentially as large or small as your monitor will allow (full-size screenshot):


We’re adding a visual, blinking indicator for private chat.

Now when you or your members have invitations to privately chat, there will now be a helpful blinking indicator on the closed Chat bar. This way, you’ll never miss a private conversation, even if you don’t have the Chat feature open (full-size screenshot):


We’re making the font size slightly bigger.

This is one thing we didn’t talk about last week that we’ve added to this release. In addition to addressing the truncated text issue that you have on your Chat feature today, we’ve increased the font size and reduced the amount of white space between chats. This should make things more readable (full-size screenshot):


We’re adding volume control.

We’re adding volume control and a new audio notification sound. So in addition to the option to have sound notifications, now you’ll be able to control the volume of those sound notifications (full-size screenshot):


Again, thanks for the great feedback, and we’re looking forward to getting this out to you shortly.