More Chat improvements on the way (updated)

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A few more details to our chat improvements coming next Wednesday, March 25th.

The closed Chat bar will be slightly more obvious.

In addition to updated icons and the new addition of tooltips, there is now a new green Chat indicator that will be appear until a new member clicks on it. Here’s a preview (full-size screenshot):


You’ll be able to resize the chat pop out.

One of the most common requests we’ve heard is to be able to resize the new pop-out view of Chat. With this release, you’ll be able to dynamically resize the window, making it essentially as large or small as your monitor will allow (full-size screenshot):


We’re adding a visual, blinking indicator for private chat.

Now when you or your members have invitations to privately chat, there will now be a helpful blinking indicator on the closed Chat bar. This way, you’ll never miss a private conversation, even if you don’t have the Chat feature open (full-size screenshot):


We’re making the font size slightly bigger.

This is one thing we didn’t talk about last week that we’ve added to this release. In addition to addressing the truncated text issue that you have on your Chat feature today, we’ve increased the font size and reduced the amount of white space between chats. This should make things more readable (full-size screenshot):


We’re adding volume control.

We’re adding volume control and a new audio notification sound. So in addition to the option to have sound notifications, now you’ll be able to control the volume of those sound notifications (full-size screenshot):


Again, thanks for the great feedback, and we’re looking forward to getting this out to you shortly.

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25 thoughts on “More Chat improvements on the way (updated)

  1. cesar

    The option of ignore some people can help a lot in cases of flood ,if it could be developed for next versions

    thanks !

  2. request

    hi all helper i need how can i change the chat and make another chat xat codes how can i make my xat chat center please help me about how to make that way

  3. Laura Oppenheimer

    Hi Dennis!

    That’s a great question. We don’t have any plans to add audio chat to the built in Chat feature on your Ning Network, but there are definitely some Ning Apps that provide this ability. Specifically, Tok Box comes to mind, but I know there are a couple others.

    You’ll want to check them out by going to Manage -> Ning Apps!


  4. Dennis Hill

    I’m in the process of migrating my group’s activities from a Yahoo group to Ning. We use Yahoo Messenger to conduct live audio chats. Any chance you will make this function available in Ning. If you do, it will be one step closer to being the Perfect Solution.

  5. Sharonna

    Heya, I was just wondering, will there be a feature for ignoring people, at least in the chat areas any time in the future?

    1. Nick

      Hi Sharonna,

      That’s a feature we’d love to build into Chat — there should be an “ignore” option so that annoying people won’t bug you. Right now it’s not scheduled for an upcoming release, but it’s a great idea and it’s on our radar.


  6. Dan

    Hi there,

    Does this support video and audio? My users have gotten really used to the blendapps chat and I don’t want to switch them over unless the new chat is better with more features.

    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Dan!

      We don’t have audio/video in the current iteration of Chat. That’s something we’ll look down the road, and it’s your call about which Chat to use.

  7. IZZY

    NING, you follow up on everything we need, thanks…. great support! MUCH NEEDED!, the chat holds my network together, and this is everything I asked for and more, I hope its really perfection as It could be


  8. Shalinda

    Thank you for your reply Evan. I understand your points. I appreciate the work that you all are doing. Take care.

  9. shir

    Hi Evan this is such a great news for us
    Thank you

    Will this support support RTL Chinese Japanese Arabic an hebrew ?


    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Shir!

      This release won’t add support for RTL languages. We do hope to add that in the future, but it’s not on the roadmap at the moment.

  10. Shalinda

    In the next release, please consider adding some type of indicator that will alert members that people are chatting online. Today, unless you have the chat window open, there is no way of knowing. I agree with the post by, Vhiel M.R. Vance, above that “Maybe you can include in the updates a blinking notice or any thing that will let the members know that there are people chatting in the chat room.” But also, maybe you can also have the new audio notification sound default set to on. I think it is currently muted as the default.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Shalinda!

      Thanks for your feedback. We don’t plan on adding a visual just for regular Chat messages, as that may distract from members who simply want to browse the social network and not use the Chat feature. Instead, we have the visual notification for private chat messages.

      If you do really want to know when people are chatting (even if you’ve closed the window), you can turn on the audio notifications. We didn’t turn these on by default because it would be a pretty difficult user experience if you visited an active social network, heard frequent audio “dings,” but couldn’t figure out how to disable those noises. As a result, we didn’t turn the audio on by default. This way, if you enable the audio, you’ll certainly know how to disable it.

      We’ll continue investigating this to strike the best balance between making sure people are aware of Chat and not distracting from the usability of your social network.

  11. Shira


    How do you say hallo in china?

    But how do you say hallo in ning chat in chines?

    YOU cant the chat dosnt support chines

    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Planet!

      As stated in the post, we’re aiming these updates for Wednesday, March 25. We don’t have a time set yet, but it will likely be around 8 pm Pacific time.

  12. Vhiel M.R. Vance

    Maybe you can include in the updates a blinking notice or any thing that will let the members know that there are people chatting in the chat room.

    Also, maybe you can offer other sound notifications for the chat room… the other updates will be really great…. specially the font size and the private chat…

  13. Julian


    Thanks for the update and the screen shots. Looks like some excellent improvements coming our way. Do you have an ETA for the fixes for the two issues which I have experienced.

    1. Private chat closing when you navagate the site


    2. Words missing from text when you press enter.


    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Julian!

      As we mentioned in the post, the issue of truncated text (missing words), will be fixed with this release. Private chats closing won’t make it into this release, but we hope to fix that in the next month or so.

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