More Chat improvements on the way
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A few weeks ago, we launched a completely revamped Chat feature across the social networks on Ning.

On March 25th, we’re doing a new release of chat to deliver the most requested feature improvements we’ve heard so far from all the great feedback. Here are the highlights:

  • You’ll be able to resize the chat pop out. One of the most common requests we’ve heard is to be able to resize the new pop-out view of Chat. With this release, you’ll be able to dynamically resize the window.
  • We’re adding volume control. While we launched with the option to have sound notifications, now you’ll be able to control the volume of those sound notifications with your own volume slider.
  • The closed Chat bar will be slightly more obvious. We’ll add screenshots early next week, but we’re adding a green chat indicator for new members to find chat as well as tooltips to make the options a bit more obvious.
  • We’re adding a visual indicator for private chat. When you have private chat requests or someone has added to your private chat, there will now be an icon that blinks to let you know.

There is a known issue right now with characters being cut off in chat. This is due to the emoticon + text combination in Flash and we’re in the process of addressing this issue, although the fix may not make it into this release. Additionally, we’re working on the translation of chat into other languages but it also may not make it into this release. We’ll keep you posted on both of these as we get more information.

Again, we’ll also update this post with screenshots as soon as they are ready. In the meantime, thanks again for the great feedback and we’re looking forward to getting this out to you shortly.