Nerdfighters do videos right

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The videos feature on your social network on Ning allows you and members of your social network to upload and embed videos. Videos are a great way for you to add exclusive content to your social network, as well as a way to express yourself.

Nerdfighters, a social network about video blogging brothers Hank and John Green, makes use of the videos feature to publish the Greens’ vlogs alongside member-produced videos. They’ve even encouraged newbies to start vlogging! Hank, John and members have added nearly 4,000 videos to the social network.


The Nerdfighters have taken advantage of all the easy ways you can add videos to your social network on Ning:

Once you’ve uploaded videos, you can watch them and embed them across the web in your social network’s new and improved video player.

To get started using the videos feature, just head to the Manage tab, click on features, and drag the videos box onto your social network.

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