New appearance options and themes are live!

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We’re excited to announce that tonight’s release — which brings new pages, welcome boxes and themes — is now live on your social network.

You can preview the new themes in the slideshow above or, of course, right on your social network’s redesigned Appearance page, accessible via the Manage tab.

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29 thoughts on “New appearance options and themes are live!

  1. MJH

    Very nice. I chose to use the Pure Dark Theme. As far as Customization, I really didn’t have to do too much. I just made a background image for the header to fill things in and blend in the colors of the Top Bar, Body Background and Sides. Outside of that and I watermark style silhouette of my Network Icon in the Body Background, I left everything as is. Thanks Ning Team, Great Job!

  2. Eric

    The badge no longer shows how many people are a member of the network. Is there a way to add this back somehow. I know members like to see the growth of the network and the badge on the main page was the main way.


  3. Darryl A Johnson

    Great new features! I really love the fact that you guys are always working on ways to make our sites better. One thing though about the badges. We should have a choice on the size of badge that displays on our own site, and the membership count doesn’t appear on the small badge anymore.

    1. Evan Goldin Post author

      Hi Daryl!

      That’s a great point. I’ve filed this, and we’ll see if there’s some we can add that functionality back to the Main page of your social network. For the moment, you can go to your Badge page, grab the “Large” embed code, and paste that into a text box on your Main page.

  4. Matt Gerchow

    As a long time Ning user…Thank you for not putting Ning on the welcome boxes and allowing us Power Users to maintain our ninganimity.

    You said you listened…and responded.

    Cheers with hopes of a long line of added features by “listening” to your customers.

    Matt Gerchow, eFunctionality

  5. Eagle II

    Great job as usual … is there a switch to turn off the new popup that appears when one returns to the main page that suggest things to get started with?

    Thanks for all the work you folks have done to make the web a better place…for every one.

  6. Akua Adaeze Okebulani

    I keep hoping more really futuristic modern themes will be designed like VeeJay and High Rise. Any chance that will happen?

  7. Eva Szentmiklossy

    I used all new features of, and they all are comfortable to use,
    and hI love the new, better outlook,
    Thank you doing these developments,
    Eva Szentmiklossy
    Budapest, Hungary

  8. George Puckett

    This selection is super. Now my dilemma is which ones to select for several different Ning sites.

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