Nick Barr
Nick Barr
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On Wednesday we showed how you can choose which events appear in your social network’s Latest Activity. By default, most things people can do on your social network will generate a Latest Activity item, including uploading a photo, adding a reply to a discussion, and confirming new friends. As the Network Creator, you have the power to choose which categories of events appear on your social network’s Latest Activity feature.

You also have the ability to add facts about your social network. These messages will be published straight to the Latest Activity feature on the main page of your social network, alongside all of the other things people are doing on your social network.


If you’d like to add a fact to your social network’s Latest Activity, you can choose from the built-in trivia generated by your social network. These include things like how many videos have been uploaded, who has posted the most photos, or what the most popular discussion is to date.

Adding facts about your social network is an effective way to highlight a particular feature or member. For example, if you post a fact that there are 1200 videos on your social network, the message will link to the Videos feature.

Likewise, if you post a fact that Chad Summers has posted the most photos, the message will link to Chad’s profile page. As a result, these facts can be a powerful way to promote specific features or shine the spotlight on an outstanding member.

To post a fact to your Latest Activity feature, go to the Manage page and click the Latest Activity link.


Click the “Add facts about the network…” drop-down menu and choose from a series of automatically generated facts, sorted by feature. Pick your favorite one and click “Add Message.”

Check back tomorrow to learn how to add a custom message to your social network’s Latest Activity feature.