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There are a lot of people in the world that are looking to do good, and there are a lot of non-profit organizations out there who need volunteers. The Intrepid Volunteers Challenge social network connects those two groups — and celebrates all things volunteering.

Intrepid Volunteers Challenge places a large emphasis on blogging, and it shows. The social network’s blog module on the Main page fills the center column, from top-to-bottom. Members blog about all kinds of social activism topics, from reshaping urban planning to emphasize walkable communities to encouraging fellow members to volunteer on Greenpeace’s iconic Rainbow Warrior vessel. You’ll even a detailed description of one member’s experience teaching and building in Thailand for 14 days.

The module looks terrific, as well, because members kick off every blog post with an image or video. And since the blog module is set to display blog posts in “Detail View,” those images and videos come through right on the Main page.

Additionally, Intrepid Volunteers Challenge used the Notes feature to create a handy getting started guide. Because the social network is aimed at volunteers and charities — two related, but distinct audiences — they’ve written seperate instructions for each group, along with detailed instructions on uploading images and promoting your project. It’s a great way to ensure their members feel at home and comfortable.