Evan Goldin
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Pennsylvania-based Kenbrook Youth Camp has launched the Kenbrook Youth Network, allowing campers to get to know each other before they bunk together — and stay in touch after camp season comes to an end. As with most camps these days, campers take a lot of photos to remember the memories. Members have uploaded tons of photos to the social network, and placed the photos module — with its built-in slideshow — front-and-center on the Main page, for everyone to see.

The creators have done a great job of integrating the social network with their primary website, kenbrookyouth.com. Both the website and the social network use a similar color scheme and a similar header. They’ve even added the same gray, diagonally striped background to both the website and the social network. Integrating your social network with your website, as Kenbrook has done, is a great way to promote a seamless experience while navigating between the two sites.