Nick Barr
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WAHMcafe is a new social network for moms who work from home. A private beta is one great way to generate buzz about your social network, but WAHMcafe is taking a different path. While the official launch isn’t until mid-April, creator Angie Fisher allows visitors to apply for membership now. This way, WAHMcafe has a strong member base from the start, with committed work-at-home moms (WAHMs) who are helping to shape the social network in its first days.

Another way WAHMcafe is getting attention is through the social network’s Twitter profile. Fisher created a Twitter button through the 3rd party service “twittermysite” and placed it in a text box on the main page of her social network. With more than 500 followers on Twitter, WAHMcafe is poised to burst onto the scene when it officially launches later this month.