The club for black homeschoolers
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Black Homeschoolers is the social network where black home schooled students and their families come together. Right on the Main page, creator Jennifer James makes it clear how to get involved on Black Homeschoolers. She chose a particular discussion on the social network’s forum to highlight — “How can I get my children involved in quality social settings with a diverse group of children?” — and created a text box to encourage members to participate in the discussion. The text box shows off the question in large, bold text, as well as the photo of the member who wants to know the answer.  It links right to the discussion. It’s just one way that Jennifer has worked to highlight members of her social network.

In addition to getting members involved in forum discussions, Jennifer’s great use of text boxes is also shown farther down the Main page, with a text box that encourages the members of Black Homeschoolers to start blogging. She focuses on three categories of blogs — homeschooling, children and family — and features three member blogs in each category. Featuring members’ content, as Black Homeschoolers has done, is a great way to reward participation and keep members of your social network coming back.