Athena von Oech
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The Jewelry Artist Network is a place to “get jewelry making tips and network with other jewelry artists.” Network Creator Rhonda Jai does a fantastic job featuring members prominently on the main page of her social network so prospective visitors immediately have an idea of the people on the social network. The Jewelry Artist Network is a great destination, whether you want to admire jewelry in the gallery or learn how to make your own.

Rhonda used the Language Editor, renaming the “Photos” tab with the more appropriate “Gallery” for artists on the social network to show off their work. The Jewelry Artist Network has also added in Etsy Shops of members on the social network, which further promotes their work. Rhonda has accomplished this using the Pages feature and the Tab Manager. She has also added a Resources tab with articles and an integrated Amazon store with books you can buy to further enhance your craft.