What Happens to Your Feedback & Suggestions

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With the evolution of Ning Network Creators, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you what happens to your feedback and suggestions when you send them to the Ning Help Center.

Our Community Advocacy team sees and responds to tens of thousands of ideas and reports from Ning Network Creators and your members every month. From feature requests to bug reports to general feedback, this team personally looks at every piece of feedback coming in.

Here’s what happens after you submit your feedback and suggestions…

Our Highest Priorities

Like any company, we prioritize how we address things. Here’s how we currently triage issues coming in:

  1. Does it impact a key flow? The key flows are those things that ensure that new members can smoothly join your social network and enjoy the most popular pages and activities on your social network.
  2. Is it a bug, improvement, or feature request? All are important, but we try and fast-track bugs, especially bugs that impact the key flows into your social networks for new members.
  3. For feature requests beyond the key flows, how popular is the request? Are we continuing to see this request from Network Creators and their members? Will it have a measurable impact on members’ engagement?

This set of priorities doesn’t mean that we don’t look at all the feedback coming in. We do. This is just how we think about prioritizing the issue after it is reported and handed off to our product team.

When we file an issue in our issue tracking system, we add your comments, screenshots, and reproduction steps. From there, we assign it to someone on the product or engineering team so that the issue is acknowledged that day.

We send around a daily email to our product and engineering teams articulating the top trends of the day. We also meet in-person weekly to make sure that we all have a shared understanding internally on our highest priorities and what we need to address next in terms of your feedback.

Hopefully, in sharing this you can get a bit better sense of how your fantastic feedback and suggestions are shared internally, even as we are getting bigger. Please keep the great input coming!

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13 thoughts on “What Happens to Your Feedback & Suggestions

  1. c s rajeshwar rao


    i really want to continue my network “http://myfriendslegends.ning.com” but i don’t have credit card
    and if you have any way to pay the money by cash than i am ready sir.

    sir please i have request that tell me is there any way to pay the amount by cash by not by credit cards

    thanking you sir..
    c s rajeshwar rao

    1. Eric Suesz

      Hi, c s. We’re not able to accept cash payment. However, if you can put together a money order or check, we might be able to help. You’ll need to submit a Help Center ticket so we can create an invoice for you.

  2. Jesse Leigh

    I would love to see a real time notification system. currently it’s a pain to scroll through the activity feed and see if anyone commented after you on a picture for example. Alerts through email isn’t cutting it for me. I would like all the alerts to be contained in the site itself without me having to go to my email to check them.

    Also, the tokbox app needs to be worked on. It has been disappearing from my tab list but i can’t re-add it because it says i have max apps.

    Increasing the max amount of sub-tabs for more apps would be great. There currently isn’t that many apps allowed.

  3. Ramon Durães

    I suggest putting a point system to classify the user according to their participation in the community with an option to have custom settings and criteria for points. It is a way to encourage participation.

    – Users report more active

  4. Joanne Tullis

    1. Please! – repeatable regular events would be great! I get tired of rewriting them over each week.
    2. Ability for groups to have their own separate events calendar

  5. Mackenzie

    Hi Golden Eye,

    We’d be happy to investigate what’s going on. Please drop us a line through the Ning Help Center at http://help.ning.com. The team will take a look as soon as possible.


  6. Golden Eye

    I have problem one member in my site kiswahili.ning.com waiting for aprove I have already approved but still showing pending.

    Please look on it


    Golden Eye

  7. James Demitriou

    Would like to see events for Groups ; right now, can only send to entire membership or by listing individuals. We have several groups with varying participants, and each group has regular meetings & events.

  8. Dewayne Johnson

    Is there any way for the email notices our members receive about a new post, discussion, etc. can contain the actual post? It would really help drive more traffic to the site and encourage discussion if they could see what the comment was… and then continue the discussion.

  9. Peter Matthews

    Thanks for the explanation – it is good for us to know all of that.

    My own pet hope is that the Search functions will be made more sophisticated so that members can really effectively find each other. In the member list, it would be good if networkcreators can customise the advanced search options and add notes explaining how the search panels work (how to make exact/non-exact searchers, etc.)


  10. Dan "JR" Goodman

    1. ability to have a event repeat
    2. ability to be able to log onto members page and help them with uploading pictures for our tech challenged
    3.ability to delete a member without banning them, I had a instance where a member had to sign up again because she did not know her password or how to get it and had 2 memberships and I could only ban her instead of deleting the duplicate
    4. ability to have a pop up note when someone logs on

  11. beachlocal

    Top things I can’t wait to see:

    1. Ability to ‘repeat’ an event. Argh, can’t wait for this.
    2. Ability to preview the entire blog post before approving or rejecting.
    3. Ability to feature blog writer’s and not just the individual blogs.
    4. Ability to see what visitors are searching for on my ning site.
    5. Ability to add Google sitemap to my ning files on my site.

    Keep it up Ning, you rock.

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